Lesson Types

We offer many playing opportunities for adults, catering for all levels of experience.   Enjoy social play, high-energy fun sessions plus drills and practice sessions to improve your tactics and match play.  To compliment this we also offer opportunities to work on the technical aspects of your game through focus groups and individual lessons.

Our programme operates 45 weeks of the year.


Club sessions

Weekly club session

A great chance for all members to meet and play mens, ladies and mixed doubles in a sociable, fun environment.  

Team tennis

Represent your club in local leagues. 


We believe in providing competitive opportunities. We organise competition box leagues or a ladder at different times of the year. Please see annual plan for more detail. 

Club social events

Throughout the year a variety of social events are organised, suitable for all players



Tennis training

Cardio tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable fitness session set on a tennis court. Suitable for any standard from complete beginner to expert - you work at your own pace - we can even lend you a racket if you need one.  


Great fun! The coach will take the players through a series of warm ups, large group games and fun match play. 

Drills challenge

For players who want a fast moving session combining lots of drills on all areas of the court. 

Team training

Team Training sessions will focus on the needs of the team, working on weaknesses and developing strengths. 



Tennis coaching 

Individual lessons

The quickest way to improve your game. You benefit from one-to-one attention. Suitable for all players.

Tennis Xpress & Xpress Plus

For players new or returning to tennis.  Learn to serve, rally and score over a course of lessons. Xpress Plus will develop skills learnt in Tennis Xpress lessons. Rackets are available for you to borrow free of charge.

Focus groups

Small groups to focus on your individual goals. Create your own group or we can organise one for you. Suitable for all players. 

Singles and doubles builder

Develop your understanding of tactics within singles and doubles court situations. Great for social and team players