Coaching Ratios: As per government guidelines and LTA guidelines which are constantly reviewed and updated we will be taking the following measures.

Coaching will take place in ratios as per Lta coaching guidelines.

One coach will deliver to the same group of children for the whole session

Session activities will be planned to encorperate activities that mean players are encouraged to play in their own space. For example cooperative work over a net in a designated court area.

Where ever possible we will use all available space available to us from the tennis club.

Players will be reminded to adhere to Social distancing and hygiene measures including regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser.

Parent/Guardian advise:

Players are recommended to bring their own hand sanitiser for their own use.

On collection and pick up please adhere to social distancing guidelines and follow advise of the club or coach.

Equipment: Please bring your own racket if you own one. Please ensure your child is wearing suitable clothing for the weather. Sun cream or waterproofs may be needed depending on the time of year.

Snack Time? During a session of 2 hours or more players will have a 15-minute break following social distancing rules in their coaching groups. Please bring a snack and plenty to drink.

Ages: Children under the age of 5* cannot stay on a camp for more than 4 hours at a time so are unable to do a full day. *the parent/guardian is solely responsible for entering accurate date of birth information at the point of booking

Wet weather: We will do our best to ensure that camps go ahead regardless of the weather. You will be advised if camps must be cancelled.

Cancellations: If you wish to make a cancellation, please do so within 2 working days of the day you wish to attend, before 5pm. We schedule staffing according to numbers, and if you fail to cancel in good time then the full amount will be charged.

Cancelled camps: We need a minimum of 4 children per group to run a camp. If there are fewer than 4 players in any group, we reserve the right to cancel. This will be done with minimum notice of 2 working days.

Bookings: Payment will be required in advance, but you can book in at any time. Limited spaces are available depending on activity.

Behavioural medical conditions:  Whilst we do our best to accommodate all children, we are unable to provide one-to-one care within this setting and therefore, reserve the right to refuse a booking if we are not equipped to deal with a specific behaviour.

Childcare vouchers:  We are currently unable to accept Childcare Vouchers as payment