Junior Coaching

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If you don't see a suitable class or available time, please call us for help. We might have a group just waiting for one more! 

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Courses operate 40-45 weeks a year and the yearly costs are split into easy monthly flexible payments and taken by direct debit. We have the below 2 week scdulled breaks 3 times a year. you can book a course via the options below. If you are unsure which is most suitable please get in touch.

Scheduled Coaching breaks

No coaching will take place for the follow 6 weeks of the year;

Easter 2021 - Returning no tennis - no break

Summer 2021 - 16th August -  29th August 

Winter 2021/22 - 20th December - 2nd January

Coaches are allowed 1 other week of their choice and this will be communicated as a when required.